Norway Nacho Review - Misson Taco, Oslo

Sometimes you find good nachos in the most unusual of places. 

Which is basically what this blog is about. When I first started writing these reviews, any type of nachos in the UK seemed somewhat exotic. However, as the cult of nacho has spread across the planet, it's more and more common to see nachos over here on this side of the pond. 

What's unusual, however, is to run into good nachos in Scandinavia. Norway, in particular. 

But that's exactly what I stumbled onto when I found Mission Taco in Oslo, Norway. 

The picture isn't the best - I don't have a flash on my ancient phone - but I just wanted to highlight a couple of signs of good nachos. 

First of all - they put the sour cream on with one of those fancy squirty bottles. Notice how it's not all clumped up together, soaking into the chips and causing a loss of nacho structural integrity? And secondly - again hard to tell because of the pic - but that's homemade pico de gallo there on the top. 

So before I even had a bit, these nachos were in the win camp. 

The chips were fairly solid as well. The only sub-performer on this plate was the cheese. Wasn't quite sure what it was - cheddar? Monterrey Jack? Maybe? However, the cheese didn't distract from the overall nacho experience. 

Mission Taco also has burritos and quesadillas as well, but I never ventured into that part of the menu - because my further burrito needs were met by a hipster Norwegian Taco Truck parked out by the pier (review coming soon).