Norway Nacho Review - Misson Taco, Oslo

Sometimes you find good nachos in the most unusual of places. 

Which is basically what this blog is about. When I first started writing these reviews, any type of nachos in the UK seemed somewhat exotic. However, as the cult of nacho has spread across the planet, it's more and more common to see nachos over here on this side of the pond. 

What's unusual, however, is to run into good nachos in Scandinavia. Norway, in particular. 

But that's exactly what I stumbled onto when I found Mission Taco in Oslo, Norway. 

The picture isn't the best - I don't have a flash on my ancient phone - but I just wanted to highlight a couple of signs of good nachos. 

First of all - they put the sour cream on with one of those fancy squirty bottles. Notice how it's not all clumped up together, soaking into the chips and causing a loss of nacho structural integrity? And secondly - again hard to tell because of the pic - but that's homemade pico de gallo there on the top. 

So before I even had a bit, these nachos were in the win camp. 

The chips were fairly solid as well. The only sub-performer on this plate was the cheese. Wasn't quite sure what it was - cheddar? Monterrey Jack? Maybe? However, the cheese didn't distract from the overall nacho experience. 

Mission Taco also has burritos and quesadillas as well, but I never ventured into that part of the menu - because my further burrito needs were met by a hipster Norwegian Taco Truck parked out by the pier (review coming soon). 

UK Nacho Review - Hamilton's, Edinburgh

Had the opportunity to stop by Hamilton's Bar in Edinburgh for a quick repast of their version of the Texas classic, nachos. 

There were a couple of issues which threw this particular nacho tasting off, first of all, I was going to be dining later on in the evening, so I didn't want to have too many. Secondly, the nachos had chicken on them, which is a problem, since as you might know from my other nacho reviews, I'm a vegetarian. 

However, in the interest of gastronomic adventures, I boldly pressed onwards. 

The nachos themselves represented a healthy portion, with plenty of fixings, including homemade guacamole and salsa on top. The cheese adequately covered the chips to beyond the required minimum and my dining companions reported that the chicken topping was adequate. One added bonus was that the jalepenos were extra spicy and hot. I ate a couple raw and had to quickly quench the fire on my tongue with some of the local craft ale. 

Overall, the nachos were solid and tasty, but nothing extraordinary. It's hard to put a finger exactly on what kept this plate of TexMex goodness from standing out, but even my dining companions seemed to agree. However, if you're in Stockbridge, Edinburgh and in need of a quick fix of nachos, you could do a lot worse than Hamilton's. 


UK Nacho Review - Shakespeare's, Edinburgh

This nacho review was generously sponsored by Mr. Douglas "Sherlock" Holmes. 

This past week I had the opportunity to sample the nachos at Shakespeare's pub on Lothian Road in Edinburgh. The nachos in question, as you can see from the photo, were topped with pulled pork. 

Now, long time readers of this blog will know that I'm a vegetarian and only review meatless nachos. However, on this occasion, I was drinking - and really hungry - so I carefully picked my way through some non meat tainted chips to deliver this review. 

Overall, they were some pretty average nachos. I can't comment on the pulled pork, but the cheese distribution on the chips was decent. The accompanying salsa, sour cream and guacamole were fairly non-committal. 

What stood out in its badness - and this is not just a dig at Shakespeare's but at many other UK nacho attempts in general - is that YOU CANNOT USE FLAVORED TORTILLA CHIPS IN NACHOS. This is a HUGE no no. Flavored tortilla chips both ruin the essential nacho taste combination as well as make me think you're hiding something. 

Czech Nacho Review - Rancheros, Prague Airport

I know we're going off the beaten path, as I typically use this forum to talk about UK nachos, but in this case, I believe an exception is warranted. 

Returning from the Jihlava Documentary Film Festival a week or so ago, I found myself famished an in the Prague Airport at 8:00AM. As I wandered through the airport looking for something to sustain myself, I was growing ever more despairing as I saw what was on offer. 

I'd reached the very end of the restaurant row when, low and behold - what did I see? Ranchero's Mexican Cantina, right there in Terminal 1! Don't believe me? Here's their web page in Czech

What was even more suprising was the food they had on offer - burritos, tacos, quesadillas, nachos (of course), but most amazing - THEY HAD BREAKFAST TACOS. I had a tough choice picking between the breakfast taco and burrito, but wound up going with the burrito in the end, since the last breakfast tacos I had in a restaurant was back in Texas and I didn't want to soil that memory. 

Overall the burrito was ok, but, as the title says, this isn't a burrito review, it's a nacho review. And, as you can see there in the picture, that is the Czech idea of nachos. It's the same on their menu. No beans, no cheese, no lettuce, no guacamole, no sour cream.....just chips and salsa is nachos to the minds behind Rancheros. I'm thinking maybe it's some leftover from their years under Soviet occupation. NACHOS ARE ABOUT FREEDOM!!! THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE!!! 

That being said - I'll have to give them a thumbs up for their attempt. Chips were fairly good and the salsa was pretty damn hot. Good thing the beer over there is so cheap (yes, I had a beet at 9am. No, don't judge me - it's cultural over there.)  

So if you're ever in the mind for some Eastern European influenced nachos, you could do a whole lot worse than Rancheros.