How to Get Dual Italian Citizenship

So I’ve been an Italian citizen for about four years now and, especially after seeing what’s going on in both the US of A and the less than U of K, pretty happy that I”m all settled where I’m at in Europe - all thanks to my new passaport-o.

I know a lot of people had questions about how to go about getting dual citizenship, so I thought that instead of writing another boring blog post, I’d put together a little video.

If you qualify for italian citizenship by descent there are a couple ways you can go about it. Number one is to hire a lawyer and have them do it. I’d recommend that if you have the money. In my case, I didn’t have the money, but I did have plenty of time. Now, I didn’t realize that it would take 9 years from start to finish and, if you would have told me that at the time I’m not quite sure I would have embarked on this task, but I did it.

Anyway - rather than babbling on here, just watch my video.