President Trump Calls Space


“Station, this is your President, do you hear me?”

Thus begins one of the most historic telephone calls to space (as trumpeted by the Trump White House) as President Trump (still painful to say that) has a teleconference with US astronauts in April 2017 to congradulate them on their record setting space stay.

But that’s not all Trump has to say in this phone call, oh no. He also uses the opportunity to talk about great American made products, dealing with politicisna and, of course, the role of his daughter Invanka, as handbag - we mean - sceience advisor.

So pop open a pack of freeze tried ice cream and a tall glass of Tang and settle down to hear this historic phone call for yourself.

And - as promised in the podcast - here’s the video of the event. Be sure to watch the beginning for lots of awkward pauses.

Couple of trivia notes - that’s a picture of Fred Trump, Donny’s dad, on the desk behind him. You know, Fred Trump, the guy who was born in Germany and most certainly wasn’t arrested during a KKK riot in the 1920s.

Also - skip forward to about 18:00 and you’ll see the White House guy mowing the lawn in the background.

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