Michael Jackson and Ronald Reagan

You wanna be starting something?

Then get this Thriller - it’s the Gipper and Michael Jackson appearing together for the very first time on stage.

The date: May 14, 1984
The cause: President Reagan awarded The Gloved One an award for his work on a national campaign against drunk driving

If the thought of President Reagan making a bunch of Michael Jackson references is your bag, then this episode of This is the President is going to be right up your alley. Of course, there’s a lot of Reagan’s speech that kind of comes of creepy here in 2019 after the revelations of Leaving Neverland.

Nonetheless, there’s a job that needs to be done, and Harmon and I are here to do it, as we listen to Reagan’s speech and weigh in with our own interpretations. This, of course, naturally leading to us scouring the internet during the episode for the best (and worst) Michael Jackson jokes.

This episode brought to you in part by our other podcast Comedy History 101.

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