Nixon's 1973 Super Bowl Spectacular!


Super Bowl Sunday is this week!

So we decided to get into the spirit by taking the Presidential Time Portal back to 1973 to hear President Nixon's predictions about the impending match up between the Washington Redskins and the undefeated Miami Dolphins. 

In our phone call this week, the president talks about the upcoming Super Bowl VII - as well as his 60th birthday - with Laugh In hosts Dan Martin and Dick Rowan. Just a little over four years before this phone call, Nixon appeared on Martin and Rowan's show and uttered the show's catchphrase "Sock it to me", for which he received a sum of $210 dollars (Almost $1500 in 2017 dollars) which went straight into the Elect Nixon fund. 

But, Nixon being Nixon, there was no shortage of controversy to presidential football phone calls. As we uncover in this episode, in January 1972 Nixon also made a phone call to Don Shula, the coach of the Miami Dolphins. The interesting part, though, is that rather than placing the traditional post Super Bowl congratulatory phone call, in this case Nixon made the phone call BEFORE the 1972 Super Bowl - at 1:16 in the morning on January 3, 1972. Even more tantalizing - although the phone call has been logged in the presidential daily diary - THE TAPE RECORDING IS MISSING! 


Harmon and Scott will also discuss the upcoming State of the Union address, the current president's appearance on Saturday Night Live, and try to figure out exactly what sexual practice is called a "Cuban Grinder Sandwich". 

BONUS: If any listener manages to get "Cuban Grinder Sandwich" listed in Urban Dictionary, send us the link and we'll read your name. And maybe give you a copy of Harmon's new book, Meet the Deplorables, now available on Amazon. 

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