Jimmy Carter and the Miracle on Ice


Do you remember where you were when the Miracle on Ice happened? Were you even alive?

Jiminy Xmas - it was thirty friggin eight years ago. But, for those of you who were around, it was a moment you'd never forget.

It was February 22, 1980 in Lake Placid, New York that the underdog USA Olympic hockey team, comprised mostly of amateur players, beat the seasoned and professional Russian hockey team. Take that commies! 

In today's previously unreleased phone call, we get to listen in as President James Carter phones up to the locker room in Lake Placid to congratulate the team and invite them down to the White House.


And the best part? Not only did the US of A win, but so did our way of life! Just look at the trailer for this made for TV movie that came out in 1981! Steve Guttenberg is supposed to be in here somewhere but I don't see him anywhere. 

In addition, Harmon and Scott return with their first "Whether or Not Weather Update" for the first time in over a year, we go through a few classic US hockey team coach Herb Brooks "Brooksisms", and you'll feel the thrill and excitement of being a real New Yorker when you hear the construction outside Harmon's apartment.  

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