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Happy 2018 everyone! 

Here at TITP we're starting the year off with a bang by presenting you with an exclusive! 

In this week's episode, we'll delve into the real story behind one of the most famous political photographs of all time, which you can see over there to the right and we here at TITP have dubbed Yelling LBJ. A picture that does such an amazing job of catching a specific moment in time that it is now in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. 

The place is Amarillo, Texas and the time is November 3, 1960 - just a few short days before the 1960 presidential elections. US presidential candidate John F. Kennedy and his running mate Lyndon Johnson make a brief touchdown in the Texas panhandle on a whirlwind campaign stop. They'll be speaking briefly at the Amarillo airport before jetting off to their next engagement. 

The Kennedy campaign team, always planning ahead, ensured that flight traffic would be stopped long enough for the candidates to make their brief speeches. What they didn't realize, however, was that some of the pilots of the waiting planes weren't exactly the biggest Kennedy fans. So they made their displeasure known and tried to harass the candidates with the loudest tools at their disposal - their jet engines 

The result? Well, you'll be able to hear for yourself when you listen to our episode where you can hear - for the first time ever - just how loud those engines were! Also - Harmon brings us the latest Trump news from that famous shithole, Brooklyn, and tells us about his latest book, Meet the Deplorables, now on Amazon.

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