Episode 24 - FDR and the Pearl Harbor Conspiracy


TRIGGER WARNING: The President uses the "J" word a lot in this recording. 

Did FDR know about Pearl Harbor in advance?

That's the burning question that we're answering in this episode of This is the President. 

In today's instalment, Scott and Harmon travel back in time to October, 1940 to listen in on some of the oldest presidential tapes available in the archives.

Originally setup to record a presidential press conference (held in the Oval Office, no less) someone "accidentally" forgot to turn off the tape recorder.

The result is we get to listen in on some of President Roosevelt's most private conversations with an unknown individual.

So, did FDR know about Pearl Harbor? Take a listen and decide for yourself. 

Also in this episode: the latest Trump news from NYC and Scott and Harmon do their Walter Winchell impressions. 

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