Episode 24 - FDR and the Pearl Harbor Conspiracy


TRIGGER WARNING: The President uses the "J" word a lot in this recording. 

Did FDR know about Pearl Harbor in advance?

That's the burning question that we're answering in this episode of This is the President. 

In today's instalment, Scott and Harmon travel back in time to October, 1940 to listen in on some of the oldest presidential tapes available in the archives.

Originally setup to record a presidential press conference (held in the Oval Office, no less) someone "accidentally" forgot to turn off the tape recorder.

The result is we get to listen in on some of President Roosevelt's most private conversations with an unknown individual.

So, did FDR know about Pearl Harbor? Take a listen and decide for yourself. 

Also in this episode: the latest Trump news from NYC and Scott and Harmon do their Walter Winchell impressions. 

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Episode 23 - Richard Nixon's Drunk Phone Call

Sometimes, even a President has to cut loose and toss back a few cold ones. Or more than a few.

Or maybe a couple of bottles.

Because that's certainly how President Nixon sounds in our phone call for Episode 23 of This is the President.

Today we're setting the wayback machine for April 30, 1973. That was the day that President Nixon made his first TV speech about the "Watergate Affair."

It was during this speech that dear old President Nixon started throwing his friends under the bus in order to clear himself of any wrongdoing. One of the first to go was his right hand man, HR Haldeman

But letting go wasn't that easy for Dick, as we see in this phone call. After giving the speech and receiving a few phone calls from supporters such as future presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Nixon turned to his old pal Haldeman (who he'd just fired, remember) to ask for his help in gathering the mood of the country. Not the most diplomatic of moves, but easily forgiven for someone who sounds like they might have been on the silly juice. 

Was the President drunk or not? Have a listen for yourself! 

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