This was one of the first shorts that I made. It’s the so-hard-to-believe-it-must-be-real of the day that Elvis Presley, on the spur of the moment, went to go visit The President and have himself appointed as an anti-drug agent.

There was a feature film made about the encounter back in 1997, but it kind of left out all the documents, which I think are the funniest part. Apparently there’s more talk of a Hollywood production making the rounds, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

The most amazing photos are the ones where Elvis is wearing his shades inside the Oval Office.

Oh, and it’s too bad that these are in black & white, because apparently that’s a crushed purple velvet jumpsuit that the King is wearing.

We'd made an actual 35mm print from the digital copy (aah, those were the days). Somehow the print got lost on the way to Cinevegas in Las Vegas. We got FedEx to admit that they lost a package. That took some doing. Mobsters took it, I guess. Maybe it'll show back up one day. 


The King and Tricky Dick meet to strategize around the War on Drugs. 

Screening History

Montreal Just for Laughs (Canada) 2002
Sundance Film Festival 2003
Aspen Shorts Film Festival 2003
Florida Film Festival 2003
Full Frame Film Festival 2003 
Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival 2003
Anchorage International Film Festival 2003
Microcinefest 2003
Maryland Film Festival 2003
Cinevegas 2003
Encounters Documentary Film Festival (South Africa) 2004 
Odense Film Festival (Denmark) 2004 
Red Wasp Film Festival, 2004 
Frontline Club London, Special Screening 2013


8’, B&W and Color


We originally had a 35mm print made for Sundance. This got lost on its way to the late, great Cinevegas film festival. We finally got FedEx to admit they lost the film.