I’d been interested in the whole CIA/LSD story since reading Acid Dreams a few years back. Everything really kicked into high gear when I stumbled on a series of drug scare films. Naturally, I put two and two together and came up with “LSD A Go Go”.

The world premiere was held at Sundance in 2004.


The true story of Frank Olsen - an army scientist who may have been murdered for exposing the use of LSD testing by the US Army.

Screening History

Sundance Film Festival 2004
Maryland Film Festival 2004
Florida Film Festival 2004
Venice International Short Film Festival 2004
Nashville Film Festival 2004
Jury Award - Honorable Mention, Best Short
Tribeca Film Festival 2004
Waterfront Film Festival 2004
Woods Hole Film Festival 2004
Woodstock Film Festival 2004
Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival 2004
Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival (Canada) 2004
Anchorage Film Festival 2004
AFI Film Festival 2004
SF IndieFest 2005
Victoria Intl. Film & Video Festival (Canada) 2005
Rotterdam Film Festival, 2005
True/False Film Festival, 2005
Bunker Film Festival (Italy) 2005
Houston Film Commission, Texas Filmmakers Showcase 2005
Winterthur Film Festival (Switzerland) 2005
International LSD Symposium (Switzerland) 2006
Kerry Film Festival (Ireland) 2006


10 minutes, Color