UK Nacho Report - Kettlebridge, Fife, Scotland!


After my journey to The "Secret" Bunker, I was pretty ravenous, so I decided to stop by The Kettlebridge Inn in Fife on my way back to have, what the Internet told me, was some of the best Mexican Food in Scotland.

It took me a little bit to find the Inn itself, because Kettlebridge is basically a village with one street. But then things get complicated because right next to Kettlebridge is Kingskettle. Kingskettle is, naturally, near Kettlehill.


So it took me longer than expected to find the right Kettle. I parked on the street (no meters, hooray, Kingskettle!) and made my way to the Inn. I knew I was in the right place because the sign for the Inn was in the same, wacky Mexican-esque font that Taco Shack in Austin uses!

I was home!

Except that none of the Taco Shacks in Austin were built inside a very confusing 17th century coach inn. To get to the dining area, I had to go inside the front door. Then there was a choice of two doors. Behind door number one was a table, chair and what looked like a ledger book open. Not very appealing. Behind door number two, however, was the bar. Aha!

But when I walked into the bar, there wasn't anywhere to sit. Seems like I had to walk in Door Number One...and then go PAST the ledger and table, then around the corner, to where I was greeted by the dining area. Decorated, no less, then with license plates from all over Mexico.

I immediately grabbed a chair. Other than me, there was only one family in the dining area.

Glancing over the menu, I first confirmed that the reason for my quest, nachos, were in fact on the menu. Once that was out of the way, I took a look just for completeness sake. The first thing that jumped out at me was that they had Chimichangas, which is pretty rare even for UK Mexican food standards. So that was a good sign that at least these people knew what they were doing.

I ordered the large nachos and a Corona. I've had both good and bad experiences with Margaritas here (more on that later), so I wanted to steer clear of any kind of mixed beverages for the moment. Plus, I'd had a beer earlier in Anstruther (where I also witnessed a young woman passed out at the bar AT 4 PM) and I didn't want to push things.

Finally, after a short wait, the nachos arrived.


As you can see from the picture, the nachos looked pretty damn good. The chips were artfully arranged, placement of cheese was accurate and distributed equally.

Alas, this is also where our first problem arises. Although I do enjoy sour cream (it's soured cream over here), there was just way too much of it. The same problem arises with the salsa. The green onions (spring onions over here) were a nice touch, but they used the lame end. I don't want that side of the onion, Kettlebridge!


The nachos were straight from the oven, and the salsa and sour cream hadn't quite had the time to congeal into a pink soupy mess, so I enjoyed the 'chos for about ten minutes or so. The cheese, as I suspected, wasn't a typical nacho cheese type (I prefer Monterey Jack, but White Cheddar will do in a pinch).

I think it might have been Mozzarella. To the Kettlebridge Inn benefit, however, I will say that the cheese was not only distributed evenly across the nacho surface, but through the nacho layers as well.

The chips themselves were excellent. Crispy, yet with structural integrity of being able to hold all of the salsa and sour(ed) cream.

The salsa had the typical UK salsa problem in that it was WAY too tomato-y. It was more akin to ketchup. I don't know why that's such a rampant problem here. The thing is, however, that some places do get it right (I salute you, Viva Mexico in Edinburgh!). The really sad thing is that some of the best salsas that I've purchased in stores here are the Tesco brand and, although it pains me to say it, Doritos Salsa.


Overall, I enjoyed the meal and beer. I need to learn to start asking for my sour cream and salsa on the side so that I can mix it with my food to my own specifications.

The owner served me and stopped by for a chat. Turned out he had lived in Miami for about 15 year or so and that's how he brought Tex-Mex to Kettlebridge, Fife. We discussed a little about how he's adapted Mexican food and drinks for Scotland. One of the first concessions he had to make was that people here just don't go in for frozen Margaritas, they prefer them on the rocks and with no salt!

I'll make my way back to the Kettlebridge Inn at some point and try one of their full on meals. I think some of these places think that nachos is just an appetizer and don't give it the same respect that a full on meal has. I was pleasantly surprised when I returned to our local Dundee Tex-Mex joint, Rancho Pancho, and had the enchiladas, which were MUCH better than the nachos I had dined on there earlier (review to come).