This is the President - July 25, 1963 - Part 2


As promised , here's Part Two of The Silly Bastard phone call we promised. This is the call in which JFK actually utters the phrase "Silly Bastard." In the first phone call, he only says "Silly Fella", which doesn't have the same impact. However, I didn't want to call one phone call "The Silly Fella" and the other "The Silly Bastard" because that might quickly get confusing.

If you missed the first Silly Bastard podcast, you can listen to it here or over on iTunes. That'll give you a little bit of the backstory. Don't worry, it's painless.

As with our other podcasts so far, we'll put the podcast up on our YouTube Channel, along with some video and/or stills to keep things interesting.

Like that picture up there to the right. That was taken by Ernie, the Silly Bastard himself, of the suite they'd fixed up for Mrs. Kennedy at Otis Air Force base. The gentleman sitting in the chair with the sunglasses is Larry Newman, who JFK refers to in the phone call.

People in the UK always point out how stupid it looks when Americans wear white socks with dark shoes. I'm saying it looks STYLIN'! Check out Larry up there hanging out in that chair with his shades on and his white socks displayed proudly. The 60s were awesome.