The Cork Butter Museum

To answer your first question - yes - a museum dedicated to nothing but butter. And, to answer the second - no - they don't provide you with toast or any free samples. 

The Butter Museum doesn't hold back on what it is - there's no interactive displays or exhibits, nothing for the kids - just simply everything you ever wanted to know about butter. 

At one time, the Cork Butter market was the largest market for....well, the entire world. 

When visiting the museum, you first get to watch a film about....wait for it......YES, BUTTER!!! Because I make documentaries, I was probably more interested than the normal viewer and picked up a few tidbits about the nationalization of the Irish Butter Industry. But if butter isn't your thing, you'd probably find it a bit of a snoozefest. As a matter of fact, if butter isn't your thing you're most definitely in the wrong place.