UK Nacho Report - Twickenham Rugby Nachos!


This nacho report comes to you from the home of English rugby, Twickenham Stadium! I'm not much of a rugby fan, but there wasn't any way I could pass up sampling nachos at the famed stadium!

In all fairness, however, I have to report that I wasn't there just for the nachos. No, I was there for a work related event. Which was pretty sweet. I mean, have you seen the rooms at the Marriott? They're LITERALLY inside the rugby stadium.

Before we began the conference proper, we were treated to a nice meal in the Marriott restaurant. We had the menus sent around a couple of weeks before we went down there and were asked to select what we wanted for dinner. I took a gander and guess what leaped out at my eye that was on the Twickenham menu?

Twickenham Rugby stadium. 

Twickenham Rugby stadium. 

Yep. Nachos.

Here, however, is where I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to nacho dining in the UK - I'm loathe to order nachos as my entree because.....well.....(no offense, UK)......they might suck.

And then I'm stuck with a plate full of soggy chips, clumpy "soured" cream and tomato-ey ketchup that's supposed to be salsa. Sigh.

What's a boy to do?

Sponge off everyone else's nachos, naturally!

My co-workers knew about my nacho review pastime and graciously offered me a bit of their nachos for analysis. I grabbed a few representative samples and settled down for the taste test.

Tastewise, I was underwhelmed with the nachos. As a matter of fact, Twickenham nachos exhibited almost exactly the same characteristics as Chiquitos Edinburgh nachos from north of the border. The chips were too thick, the guacamole too pasty, the sour(ed) cream too chunky and the salsa too ketchup-y.

There was one thing about Twickenham nachos, however, that DID impress me... THEY CAME IN A BUCKET!

Did you see it?

Look at the picture below where I have highlighted the aforementioned implement!

Yes - that's the same container you use to hold soapy dish water for mopping up your floor, only this time instead of holding nasty, dirty dish water, this bucket is holding delightful nachos!!!


Bucket o' 'chos!!! 

Bucket o' 'chos!!! 

That's a bucketful of nachos!

As much as the nacho taste didn't blow me away, I have to give them points for presentation.

Look, I'm from Texas. I was born in California. I've had a lot of US-Mexican food (which is not the same thing as interior Mexican food and I realize that) but I have NEVER, EVER seen nachos that came in a bucket.

And for that, Twickenham Marriott, I salute you.