Crazy North Carolina Rednecks!


If you've been reading this here website you know that I've been temporarily relocated to North Carolina over the past few months. If you've REALLY been reading, you'll also know that I've been living in suburban Cary (about 15 miles outside Raleigh) without a car. So, naturally I do a lot of walking.

On one of my rambles one day, I discovered "crazy North Carolina guy redneck house".

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crazy redneck dude
crazy redneck dude

The house looks a lot older than most of the McMansions in this part of town, so I can imagine this guy and his family have probably been living here for a long time before the city of Cary, in all their wisdom, decided to widen a major road right next to his house.

I didn't have my camera with me then, but I for sure brought it this time.

The first thing that you notice is, naturally, the confederate flag flying proudly over the front entrance gate.

This is next to a major street in Cary, mind you.

I'd only ever seen Crazy North Carolina Redneck Guy's house from across the street, so today, with camera in hand, I ventured across High House Road to get a close-up glimpse.

The SECOND thing you see when you get up close is the "Red Neck Blvd" sign hanging right behind the Confederate Flag (which isn't technically the first official flag of the Confederate States of America, but that's a whole other post).

alamo shrine
alamo shrine

If you can't make it out, the hand lettered sign reads "NO MAN IS DEFEATED UNTIL HE HIMSELF TAKES DOWN HIS FLAG."

The implication here, being, that this gentleman believes that his Confederate values (which included the owning and selling of human beings) are still in tact.

This kind of stuff is still a little creepy to me. I'm from Texas...well, technically Austin and Houston, which you could make an argument don't really represent Texas....especially Austin....well, let's just say t Speaking of Texas, this is where it even gets weirder.hat I've DRIVEN through a lot of Texas and you don't normally see displays like this.

So right next to the (kind of) Confederate flag is the shrine that you see over there to  the right.

Don't know if you can make it all out (click on the pic for a bigger image) but can you see what the marker says?

1836 - The Alamo 


There were a few North Carolina volunteers who died at the Alamo, so maybe North Carolina Redneck Guy was just trying to represent.

Still a little creepy.

But not the creepiest thing there by a long shot.

Right when I was taking that Alamo picture, I heard the rattling of the oh-so-quaint bleach bottle wind chime that was setup in the front yard of NC Redneck Guy's house (right next to the tree made out of bottles). I looked up only to spot.....HIM!!!! It' was NC Redneck Guy in the front yard of his house fixing his bleach bottle wind chimes! I was too afraid to even get a picture.

photo (3)
photo (3)

But that's not the creepy part.

No, it's the apocalyptic verse mounted on the non-Alamo side of the (sort of) Confederate flag

Click on the image to biggerfy it, but this is what it says:

When 7 Spanish angels appear at the altar of the sun,Gabriel will blow his trumpet,The last war will have begun.* 

This is RIGHT NEXT TO A MAJOR ROAD, remember?

Enjoy your commute into Cary!

* (Which is strange, because according to the Interweb, when Gabriel blows his horn, it means JC is coming back to earth, not Armageddon. And this is the only thing I could find out about "7 Spanish Angels". Knowing that this guy is off his rocker and can't even get his bible straight makes it a bit less creepy.)