JFK Phone Call


Haven't you ever wanted to hear a phone call with JFK curing his head off? Now you can!

This is a short film that I made that was originally part of a longer found footage documentary. Some people liked the longer film, some didn't. But I had fun making it. In between all the found footage, I put some presidential phone calls that I stumbled on. There were like three or four of 'em. I thought it was a shame to let them go to waste because they were buried in the rest of a longer film.

So I pulled out all the short presidential conversations and put 'em up on the YouTubes.

And, of course, they've turned out to be the most popular videos on my channel. This JFK video is about to hit the 100K mark.

This is a 100% real phone call and, from what I remember, unedited. The original call was short and to the point, as you can tell.

I pulled the image of "that silly bastard" out of a microfilm copy of The Washington Post. The picture that's in the film is the same one that Kennedy was looking at that sent him into the stratosphere.