Arlington, Virginia Nachos!

nasty nachos
nasty nachos

During my sojourn to the capital here of this great democracy, the District of Columbia (aka "the DC") my high school friend and travelling companion Mr. Greg H. suggested we have an evening of comedy. The destination of choice was the Arlington Cinema and Draft House in....wait for it....Arlington, Virginia. Hearing the name "Draft House" suggested (at least to me) that this establishment might be part of the venerable Mr. Tim Leauge's chain of award winning eateries and cinema houses called the Alamo Draft House  headquartered in my former home town of Austin, Texas. Although the Alamo Draft House does have a location in Northern Virginia, the Arlington Draft House actually pre-dates the Austin Drafthouse by about ten years. As Aretha Frankin would say, "Who's Suing Who?!!!"

As it was, my confusion about where I actually was or who's Drafthouse came first was answered by the order of nachos that we received from the kitchen.

I'll post another picture angle of the nachos here in case you didn't remember it from the slider.

I think this picture really captures the nacho "cheese" in all it's glory.

These nachos reminded me exactly of the kind of fare that would pass for movie theater nachos....(Scott taps watch)...IF IT WERE 1985!!!!



Hola, Arlington Draft House.....I believe that you've met my good friend RICO cheese in a can....

The other problem is that we got a bunch of tortilla chip crumbles...and I think THEYknew that, too. Take a look at the chip distribution in the picture above (rest your eyes from the glow of the "cheese" first, if needed).

Do you see how much smaller the chips get on the side of the bowl opposite the sour cream and salsa?

Yep. Crumbles. All carefully hidden by a layer of "cheese."

The worst insult to nacho-dom of all, though, was the fact that they gave us plastic plates and spoons.

As if nachos weren't good enough to be eaten with regular tableware!!!

Sorry about that Arlington Draft House, but you seriously have to step up your nacho game. You've got a cool venue, awesome shows and movies,  but some of the worst nachos I've ever eaten.

Actually, I take that back - they weren't the worst...because, well, we did manage to eat them all.


They were just....a little disappointing.

Put another way Arlington Draft House....I've had better nachos in Scotland.

And that's no slight on Scotland, because I've had some damn good nachos there.

You're in Arlington, Arlington Draft House! Right next to the capital city of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

The Pentagon is right there in Arlington for Chrissakes! Can't you harness some type of super military technology to improve your nachos?!!

Simply said, Arlington Draft House, it's time to show the world what the good old US of A can do with nachos.

Or the terrorists have won.